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What Clients Say About Attorney Schuk

“As a former Deputy Clerk of Courts, having worked with MANY attorneys over a number of years, it was always a pleasure working with Attorney Brian Schuk. His demeanor and preparation of cases was exceptional. In addition, Attorney Schuk's communication skills with the Court was always appreciated, as well as his prompt submission of court ordered documents, following court proceedings.”

-Jennie Thompson, former Deputy Clerk of Courts, Walworth County

“Sometimes in our lives there is trouble and we need professional help. I had trouble and I could not get it sorted out and settled. Brian was kind and sympathetic, quickly realizing the situation's gravity. With patience, he answered my many questions and his calm demeanor kept me focused. He dealt with the opposition professionally, with a trained ear to hear what they were really up to. Brian defended my rights against great odds. Thank you.”

– Betty, former client

“I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Schuk both in my capacity as an Account Executive and as a Real Estate Paralegal. We worked closely in review of the Incorporate process for one of the local municipalities as well as review of the changes in the Zoning Ordinance and the effect those changes would have on the clients of the firm I worked for. As an Account Executive, I have worked with Brian on multiple occasions to work toward resolution in decedent's interest in real estate as well as liens that encumbered the land. He is well versed in the Real Estate field and a pleasure to work with.”

-Amy Giovannoni, Account Executive, Chicago Title Insurance Company

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