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Tenant Representation in Wisconsin

When you sign a new lease, it is always the hope that your new landlord knows the business. Unfortunately, not all landlords have the best brains for business and not all comply with Wisconsin law.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation and are unsure of your rights, Attorney Schuk can help you navigate out of treacherous waters. Over the years, he has represented numerous tenants and helped them win against naïve landlords.

You deserve to live in a reliable home and there are laws to protect you as a tenant. If you have any reason to believe you are being taken advantage of as a tenant, Attorney Schuk can not only inform you of your rights, but give you useful advice on how to handle the predicament you face.

Attorney Schuk has represented tenants in security deposit disputes, evictions, and has helped tenants deal with untenantable properties. While these are just a few of the situations he has assisted in, you can rest assured he has seen many different and unique cases.

Furthermore, Attorney Schuk's experience representing landlords is very helpful when it comes to representing tenants. Because he knows what it takes to win cases for landlords, he knows exactly what it takes for a landlord to lose a case.

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